Die cutting and laser cutting

Create your unique shape to stand out from the crowd

Die cutting

Die-cutting means cutting the paper to a customized shape by using a steel cutting die. Imagine a similar process like making the cut-out Christmas cookies. The steel cutting die is pressed against the paper resulting in the desired shape. Die-cutting is economical with serial production or one-time large volume order due to the initial cost of cutting die.

Laser cutting

Besides die cutting, we can do laser cutting too. The precision of the laser beam makes it possible to cut unique and the finest patterns into various materials such as paper, acrylic, rubber, wood, leather, aluminium, stainless steel. If you want a unique gift laser cutting is for you. Compared to die cutting, patterns cut can be more complex and as there is no uprfront cost (no need to make the cutting die) it is more economical in case of low volume order.