Packaging, boxes

We help your products to be recognized on the shelves

We can make wide range of packaging solutions to help you protect your product during the distribution and to best convey the message of your branding when your product is on the shelves. Our technology allows us to manufacture products using various materials such as plastic foils, corrugated paper, cardboard papers. The safe use of our products - with special importance when packaging food products - is ensured by our ISO 9001 quality management system and the HACCP certification required by food processing industry.

The process of creating packaging products:

1. Preparation


When contacting us with your requirements, please describe your product as thoroughly as possible: product dimensions, weight and volume, nature of the product (e.g. food, cosmetics), product positioning (premium, cost efficient), other requirements (e.g. temperature, humidity). If you are not looking for custom design, but want us to manufacture standard packaging products, please supply the product code from the FEFCO catalogue.


If you select to have a custom designed product, we'll make the modeling work with Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. Based on your requirements our experienced designers will desgin the graphics and recommend the suitable material, shape and finishing methods. As a result you will get a 3D computer model and/or a prototype without printing. Once the modeling is completed and approved by you we'll update you on the pricing.


The last step before manufacturing is the proper and detailed pricing. Pricing is highly dependent on the ordered volume. However when designing and manufacturing product packaging for the first time, to avoid costly experiments, it is worth considering a lower volume order to test if the designed packaging encourages potential buyers to purchase a product or further modifications would be needed.

2. Manufacturing


Manufacturing process starts with the printing. The technology applied is dependent on the selected material during the modeling process.

Printing technologies >

Surface treatment

At the same time of printing or after that we do the necessary coating or other surface treatment work to make the packaging unique.

Finishing, coating >

Die cutting and gluing

Finally we die-cut the material to shape, perform the folding and gluing to finish the process. Now the packaging is ready to use.

Die cutting >

3. Completion


If needed, we can do the filling and packaging of your product (subject to separate agreement and our capabilities).


We can offer storage services for your products for filling in case packed products are distributed in multiple lots at different times.


After filling we can also distribute your products to various locations based on demand and separate agreement.